Faculty Highlights: George Steward (Traditional and Suzuki trumpet)


In his own words:

“When I work with students, I especially enjoy seeing them discover the excitement of learning new skills and making music. Seeing children, and adults grow in confidence is my highest goal. I’m a teacher, not a critic. My job is not to correctly identify what students are doing wrong; rather, it is to guide them into solid playing and performing in ways that grow their confidence.

I received my Suzuki training and became the first Suzuki trumpet teacher in the United States in 2016. I had no way of knowing how much I would love working with young children. I find working alongside parents to build a love of music at an early age to be extremely rewarding. It’s wonderful to help build a lifelong love of music, as well as solid approaches to building new skills. I also love helping students find ways to meet challenges with a positive attitude. It means so much to help them see that, when faced with new challenges, they can meet them and have good ideas on how to proceed.”

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