Faculty Highlights: Justin Henderlight (oboe)


In his own words:

“In teaching oboe lessons or any other aspect of music, I always aim for an approach tailored to each student’s individual needs that makes connections to other parts of their lives. Good musicianship teaches students a variety of larger life lessons, such as the ability to be a strong member of a team, to have respect for the world’s cultures, and to value precision. Whether students hope to enter the music profession, or whether they wish to play casually alongside friends and family, I will support anyone to achieve their personal goals and become a more confident musician. The oboe can be a challenging instrument, but overcoming its challenges—including learning good reed-making skills—makes it all the more rewarding to play. I advocate a well-rounded education in musicianship, including ear training, the cultivation of a beautiful tone, and the pursuit of accurate musical style and solid technique that allows each student to find his or her own voice.”

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