Faculty Highlights: Vicki Boeckman (Recorder & Music Together®)

Vicki Boeckman 2014 color.jpg

In her own words:

“I believe we all have strengths, talents, and unique gifts that deserve to be shared. We are all good at something, and I happen to be good at teaching and sharing my learned skill with others. I especially love seeing the joy in a student's eyes when something clicks and they “get” it! At Music Center I teach recorder and also coach chamber music ensembles.

I hope to impart my sincere love of music, humanity, and connectivity to all my students. I have students that still contact me even after 20 years have passed since they had lessons, so I think I establish lasting friendships and respect. Because I am still in the game as a performing artist I believe that I have a strong impact on students that hear me perform and can see that I practice what I preach, or 'walk the talk'.  They can see that the recorder is a real main stream instrument that will take them as far as they want to go.”

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