Faculty Highlights: Jal Feldman (Suzuki Piano)


In his own words:

“I teach because it is very exciting for me to help children develop the skill and the heart to express themselves through music. Being able to do this was extremely important to me during my own childhood. I enjoy guiding others through the rewards and challenges along the path to having the same gift. The development of musical skill requires a combination of great discipline and enormous creativity. I try to foster and encourage both in my students.

Teaching music to young children through the Suzuki Method is 70% about child psychology and 30% about music training. As the child gets older, those percentages even out and eventually reverse in most cases. However, knowing how to work effectively with children is an essential part of being a good music teacher. I teach at Music Center because it is supportive to this process in so many ways that I could not begin to list them. Music Center provides a collaborative setting with many invaluable opportunities for student and teacher.”

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