Faculty Highlights: Les Martin (Suzuki piano)


In his own words:

“It is my great pleasure to teach piano in the Suzuki Academy at Music Center of the Northwest. As one who has embraced the Suzuki philosophy, my first priority is not to develop professional musicians, but to nurture loving human beings and to help develop each child’s character through the study of music.  When we nurture a child and help them to develop a beautiful heart, the music they make will flow from that heart and spread that same beauty in our world.

Teaching and creating music could not be more gratifying or personally invigorating. Music-making calls upon our imagination and creativity; our spontaneity; our fine-motor skill; our sequential memory; our creative problem-solving abilities; our sense of spatial awareness – as well as our own self-awareness – as we actively listen and discern ‘in real time’ to bring music to life.”

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