Faculty Highlights: Aaron Nation (Suzuki & traditional cello)

Aaron Nation.jpeg

Aaron began his musical life on the violin at a young age, switching to cello during high school with a year of study with Richard Aaron. In the years since, he has performed in a variety of settings, from musicals and ballets, to chamber and orchestral music, as well as with rock bands. In 2005 he took his first Suzuki teacher training in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and teaching music has been a part of his life ever since.

In 2012, Aaron graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University with degrees in both psychology and music. Not surprisingly, he takes as much interest in the ways that music can help develop a whole person as he does in the music itself. This said, when you dive into the world of music, you find one of the most incredibly enriching environments available for helping people, both children and adults, live life to their fullest satisfaction. 

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