Faculty Highlights: Grant Reed (Trombone/Low Brass)


In his own words:

"Music is one of the most indescribably powerful and moving things in the entire world, and above all, I wish for students to simply enjoy playing and experiencing this wonderful gift. The trombone is merely a means to an end in this regard; yet its rich, powerful, and versatile sound is what particularly draws me to it. My fundamental approach to playing is simple: producing the best sound on every note, as easily as possible. I think it is necessary to have the greatest sound that you can possibly make on the trombone in one’s head from the very beginning, and to this end, I strive to play as much as possible for and along with students so that they may develop their own ideal sound concept. I, of course, couple this with instruction on all of the other fundamentals of trombone playing and music making such as scales, rhythms, playing in tune, proper breathing, etc. But never forget that the goal is to play music with and for others, and that making a statement with the music we play, in a way expressing our deepest emotions, is what this is truly about!"

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