Community Partners

Community Partners are musical organizations that share Music Center's broad goal of creating and supporting a vibrant musical community. Partners are separate, independent, not-for-profit organizations, each with its own staff and board of directors, but each make Music Center their home. For more information about each resident organization, please click the links below.


Around the Sound Community Band

The purpose of any band is to give enrichment and joy to life. We hold that live music is enriching, exciting, and exhilarating to both performers and audience. It should be available to all people to either play or listen to as they desire. We see our dual mission as creating an environment in which adults of any ability or degree of band experience can enjoy the benefits of playing, while bringing live music to people in the community who may not otherwise have it to enjoy. Our program is designed to meet these two needs and they are the foundation for our further development.

Ladies Musical Club.jpg

Ladies Musical Club

LMC’s mission is to foster classical music among its members and in communities in the State of Washington through education, performance and awards. This is accomplished by offering music and education programs to people of all ages and diverse backgrounds throughout the community.

Northwest Clarinet Choir.jpg

Northwest Clarinet Choir

The Northwest Clarinet Choir is a Seattle area community-based organization dedicated to our love of music and the art of clarinet playing, particularly music for large clarinet ensembles. 

Puget Sound Concert Opera.gif

Puget Sound Concert Opera

Taking advantage of the rich and vibrant local classical music scene, Puget Sound Concert Opera (PSCO) takes pride in casting the best local performers to create high quality, yet affordable productions of the world's greatest Operas. With our innovative concert opera format, PSCO's productions allow audience members to see, hear and feel the music up close in intimate venues.


Rain City Symphony

Rain City Symphony nurtures and promotes the appreciation of music by providing quality music performances in the Puget Sound region at no charge to the audience.