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Teaching Artist Statement
I really love to teach! I truly believe that the playing and study of music
is one of life's great ambitions and pleasures. All my students present
to me an opportunity to help them play better by the end of each lesson,
and I find that very rewarding.

Teaching Bio
For the past 12 years as a private instructor I have worked with students
who range from absolute beginners to advanced classical pianists. I like
to focus on effective practice methods and how to play musically, both
within the context of a strong technical foundation. I was taught by
pianists schooled in the “European tradition,” which focuses on strong
technique, a sonorous tone and a strong individual interpretation of the
classics from the great periods - Baroque, Classical, Romantic,
Impressionistic and Contemporary. However, my whole life I’ve been a
composer and improviser and love to work with students on these skills
as well.

Lessons are tailored to each student and include all the basics of ear
training, sight reading, fingering, hand strengthening exercises, music
theory and improvisation. All my students have the opportunity to have
me professionally record their pieces as a teaching tool; this can help
tremendously in developing critical listening skills, giving the student the
opportunity to objectively hear what the audience hears.
I studied with Bela Siki at the University of Washington where I received
my B.Music in piano performance. From there I trained in the Master’s
piano performance program at the Manhattan School of Music in NYC.
I also received a law degree from Seattle University and was licensed
as an attorney for 10 years before going back full time to music.
I am also the owner of The Piano Studio, a professional recording
studio now resident at the Music Center of the Northwest!

Performance Bio
Performing is something I greatly enjoy. Aside from giving classical piano
recitals, I worked for many years with a musical theatre artist doing
piano/vocal shows at local Seattle venues, as well as 3 albums of musical
theater repertoire. I have also accompanied many classical soloists in competitions and concerts, including work with the string department at Seattle University.
I am now primarily a solo piano recording artist, and my music can be found
at and at