At Music Center of the Northwest, we are always interested in helping schools and students to gain access to the transformative power of music, regardless of means.  We are especially interested in extending that transformative power to those with the greatest need in our own North Seattle neighborhood.  We seek to partner with schools and other arts organizations to make top quality programming available to all students and lovers of music.  In 2016-17, we were able to donate over 45 classroom hours of like instrument group instruction to the instrumental music students at Broadview-Thomson K-8 School.  Historically, we have worked with dozens of schools and partners from Everett to the Highline Public Schools and, with continued support, we hope to continue to make a difference throughout our region.

Bring Music Center's professional teaching artists to your school, contact Ryan Schultz at

Broadview-thomson K-8, 2016

Broadview-thomson K-8, 2016

ballard high school tuba/euphonium section, 2017

ballard high school tuba/euphonium section, 2017

Like-Instrument Group Instruction 
Our top-tier teaching artists come to your school and work with your students during the school day and/or before or after school.  Students not only learn valuable technical and musical skills but also collaborate in a way that grows their communication and thinking skills.  Please note that this offering is also available on piano, when proper facilities and instruments are available.  Sessions may include group “warm-ups,” scale practice, performance practice, mock auditions, chamber music etc. 

Like-Instrument Ensembles
In general, we offer these ensembles before or after school.  We are highly interested in working with partner organizations to make these ensembles tuition free (“Con Brio”).  These ensembles could be a brass or woodwind quintet, a string quartet, a larger wind or string ensemble, or, among the other possibilities, a like instrument group like a percussion ensemble.  We strive not only to rehearse with these groups but also to incorporate music theory instruction and a diverse group of genres ranging from world music to opera to jazz.  Sessions may also include group “warm-ups,” scale practice, performance practice etc.      

Suzuki Inspired String Instruction
Our Suzuki Academy faculty are willing to use their expertise and training to work with string players in a manner consistent with and informed by their Suzuki backgrounds.  They are certified in Suzuki instruction and have passed the standards set by the Suzuki Association of the Americas to teach this method.   

Recorder/Simple Percussion Tour of the World
Music Center’s own Vicki Boeckman, formerly of the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, and the Ishøj Musikskole will lead half hour classes teaching recorder and simple percussion.  First in the “traditional” manner – by ear and repetition, later she will introduce actual note reading. The melodies she uses are a collection of simple, yet lovely, diverse cross cultural, world music melodies from around the globe that she and her colleague, Nina Stern, have collected. Tunes from Africa, China, the Middle East, Germany, Denmark and Sweden to name a few, are among the music covered in this unique offering.  Ms. Boeckman says of her time teaching in Denmark, “I saw hundreds of students pass through the doors. I have been teaching at Music Center of the Northwest since winter of 2005 and would love to see hundreds more recorder kids!”

Teacher/Teaching Artist Training and Professional Development
Music Center’s own Vicki Boeckman, formerly of the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, and the Ishøj Musikskole, will lead a recorder professional development session for professionals.  Ms. Boeckman has been leading the annual Seattle Symphony teaching artist recorder professional development class for the last two years.  CEUs are available for a fee.

Music and Culture Camp
Week 1:  Introduction to Recorder, World Music and Danish Culture, Language, and History
Music Center’s own Vicki Boeckman, formerly of the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, and the Ishøj Musikskole, will introduce students to the recorder, a child-friendly woodwind instrument.  The camp will immerse students in recorder, Danish language, culture, cuisine, and history.   

Special Recorder Offering, S’Cool Sounds West
International recorder performer and teaching artist, Music Center’s own Vicki Boeckman is developing our S’Cool Sounds recorder program.  Boeckman is a widely respected pedagogue who has received permission to launch the first West Coast S’Cool Sounds program.  This could be a stand-alone residency or could be a prelude to a Carnegie Hall based Link-Up offering (either earlier in the school year, or, a year before Link-Up is introduced).  S’Cool Sounds promotes communication, mutual respect, and global awareness through musical training for children.

Introductory Koto/Introduction to Japanese Culture, Language, History, Music and Dance
(8 or 16 week session) 
Music Center’s own Shiho Kurauchi will introduce students to the stringed Japanese instrument, the Koto.  While teaching students the basics of reading music and rhythms, Ms. Kurauchi will introduce Japanese counting, words, culture and history to the class.  A trained Dalcrose Eurhymics practitioner, Ms. Kurachi will also incorporate movement/dance and traditional Japanese songs into her classes.  We are limited to ten students per class.   

Teacher/Teaching Artist Training and Professional Development
Music Center’s own Shiho Kurauchi will apply her expertise in Koto, Japanese counting, words, and culture in a session for professionals. CEUs available for a fee.

Music and Culture Camp
Week 2:  Introduction to Japanese Culture, Language, History, Music and Dance
Music Center’s own Shiho Kurauchi will introduce students to the Japanese Koto, a traditional string instrument.  The camp will immerse students in Japanese language, culture, cuisine, history and among other activities, will include language immersion in Japanese game playing.   

Dr. David Shere Offerings
Music Center’s own David Shere, Ph. D, is able to offer a variety of unique classes, ensembles, and group lessons.  Some of his many offerings include Rock Band, Group Guitar Class, Group Ukulele Class and, among others, Jazz Combo.  David’s background in composition, guitar, and popular music is sure to delight participants.



Off-site Master Class/Clinic:  Our teaching artists are happy to come to your school or program and work with your students.  We can work with your students on fundamentals of playing, facilitating a high quality sectional rehearsal, proper vocal production, or just about anything else you have in mind.

Guest Artist Master Class:  Whether at Music Center or off-site, we can work with partner schools and/or organizations to host “world-class” artists in a master class.  Recent Music Center Masterclass guest artists have ranged from Yamaha Artist Allen Vizzutti to Buffet Artist Steven Mead.  One fan wrote:  “I just wanted to thank you both so much for a fantastic workshop this afternoon.   I was absolutely stunned by how many musical gems were dispensed over the course of two hours, like so many “tossed-off” gold coins of wisdom from Vizzutti’s bottomless treasure-chest of knowledge and experience.  I was so spellbound that after the first 90 minutes or so (before that first break) I was kicking myself for not taking (copious) notes. It was spellbinding in that it was as if I were having a private lesson with Allen Vizzutti. . .”

School Outreach “Tune-up” Clinics
Why not have our teaching artists come out and work with your entire ensemble?  Whether a Ryan Schultz (Pacific NW Ballet and Univeristy of Puget Sound) led breathing class, a Janice Gockel (founder of Music Center) string techniques coaching, a David Shere guitar class, or a Regina Thomas (founder and director of Puget Sound Concert Opera) choir workshop, these clinics are very popular and effective.  Our “Tune-up” clinics certainly inspire and educate students!