In consideration of my [and/or my child(s)] participation in this activity, I (we) will follow the rules and regulations set by Music Center of the Northwest. Parent or guardian must sign for anyone age 18 and under.

Classes, Ensembles and Workshops

Classes, ensembles and workshops take place throughout the year and rates vary depending on their length and duration. Specific information is available on our website, musiccenternw.org. Fees are due in full at the time of registration. Students who withdraw from a class or ensemble, one week or more before first class, will receive a full refund. Before the second class, 50%. No refunds will be given after the second meeting. Students withdrawing from workshops by the registration deadline will receive a full refund. No refunds are made after the registration deadline, and all refunds are subject to a $15 drop fee. If a class is canceled by Music Center before the first class session, students receive a full refund.

Individual Music Lessons

When you register for lessons at Music Center of the Northwest you may register for single lessons, or for the full academic year. The academic year runs from September through June and includes a total of 38 lessons. Your registration is a contract stating that you have reserved your teacher's time during the year at that specific time period each week. For summer session (July and August) students may sign up for a predetermined number of lessons at the regular lesson rate. Discounts are also given for additional family members.

Attendance, Absences and Make-ups

Tuition reserves all lesson times during the year for a student regardless of student non-attendance, vacation, field trips, school music obligations, sports, etc. Make-up lessons are not given for a student absence. Cases of extended illness will be handled on an individual basis. Any lesson missed due to teacher absence or inclement weather will be made up based on teacher availability. If you are unable to schedule a lesson by the end of the year, you may request to receive a credit for the missed lesson(s). No credits or refunds will be given for student absences.

Discontinuing Lessons

If it is necessary for a student to withdraw, students/parents should pick up a Withdrawal Form at the office, fill it out, get the teacher's signature, and return it to the office. This must be done one month in advance of withdrawal in order to receive any refund for the remainder of the year (or to stop the automatic withdrawals). No refunds will be given for those students withdrawing from lessons during the last four weeks of the year. Verbal notification of intent to withdraw is not acceptable.

Inclement Weather

We are committed to remaining open whenever possible, but safety for our students is our foremost concern. In general, Music Center of the Northwest follows the same emergency weather closure procedures as the Seattle Public Schools. In the event that the school is closed, a recorded message will be available on the MCNW line (206) 526-8443, posted on the website musiccenternw.org, and sent to all students via email (if possible).

Photographs and Recordings

Music Center of the Northwest uses photographs and recordings made of school sponsored functions involving students in its publications, brochures, and website. If you prefer not to be included, please notify the office with a written notice when you register. Verbal notices are not accepted.

Personal Property Liability

Music Center of the Northwest does not assume liability for personal property, including musical instruments used in lessons, classes, ensembles, workshops or other school sponsored activities. All students are encouraged to check with their personal insurance carrier to cover theft or damage.

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