photo cred: bill stickney

photo cred: bill stickney

Tuition Assistance Program Overview

Tuition Assistance is an investment in people. We offer a variety of tuition discounts and scholarships to make our programs more affordable. If you need tuition assistance to participate, please review the following information, then complete the application and submit it to our office. Tuition Assistance awards are for either one class/ensemble or for 30-minute lessons.


Tuition assistance can cover up to 100% of fees for group classes/ensembles and up to 60% for private lessons. Awards are based on taxable income, not adjusted gross income. See line 43 of form 1040, line 6 of 1040EZ, line 27 of 1040A.  

Additional factors to be considered:

  • Instructor/reference statements and comments (i.e. student’s interest and progress)

  • Family difficulties such as illness, job loss, bankruptcy, death, etc.

  • Volunteerism and engagement in Music Center community

  • Level of tuition assistance awarded to the student in previous years by Music Center

  • Single or dual parent household and level of outside child support

  • Size of family and number of family members participating at Music Center

Private Lesson Deadlines
June 15, 2019 for current students continuing into the next school year. Applications from new students may be considered throughout the year.

Application Deadlines

Class/Ensemble Deadlines
Fall Term: September 1, 2019
Winter Term: December 1, 2019
Spring Term: March 15, 2020